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Stephen Davidson, DO, C-SPOMM, DO(h)

Stephen M. Davidson, DO graduated from Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1976. He then did a one year rotating internship at South Bend Osteopathic Hospital, South Bend, Indiana. After two years of practice in osteopathic medicine in Columbus, Ohio, he forsook the cold and snow, moving to sunny, summer sauna Phoenix, Arizona where he has practiced osteopathic manipulative and homeopathic medicine since 1980. Author of over twenty five books and dozens of education DVD’s (, Dr. Davidson ranks among his most treasured awards the Cranial Academy’s 1986 Sutherland Memorial Lecture.

A chance observation with a patient in the early 1980s sent him on a path of a new osteopathic manipulative paradigm using communication with and treatment by inherent body forces. He called this paradigm “Neurofascial Release.”  For twenty years or so, he crisscrossed the country consulting and giving classes to health professionals on this idea.

Semi-retired, down from eighty to forty hours a week, Dr. Davidson keeps his body and mind active the other hours swing dancing.

Stephen Davidson

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