Request a Research Grant

The Osteopathic Cranial Academy Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization, founded in 1993. It exists specifically to fund education and research in the discipline of Osteopathy, specifically Osteopathy in the Cranial Field.  We accept applications for research grants and grants for preservation of important work in the field of Cranial Osteopathy.

Two grants we have given in the past are:

    • A grant for preserving the Viola M. Frymann DO FAAO FCA, Pediatric Manipulation Outcome for Future Clinical Research.  That grant request was awarded $10,000.00.
    • A grant for $10,000.00 was awarded to create a professional archive-quality series of video lectures from the Introductory Course in Osteopathy in the Cranial Field.
For abstracts that convey the direction of research for grant proposals, please visit Newsworthy Items.
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1. Determine if your research grant request is $10,000 or less

a. If it is $10,000 or less, fill out the Sutherland Grant Application
b. If it is more than $10,000, fill out the Still Grant Application

2. Fill out the forms:

a. Budget Sheet
b. Financial Disclosure Form
c. Grant Contract Application Approval Form
d. Grant Proposal Development Check List

3. Submit a Research Plan (maximum 5 pages) containing the following information:

a. Specific Aims
b. Background and Significance
c. Research Design and Methods

4. Submit all 5 forms and your Research Plan by email to or by mail to The Cranial Academy Foundation, P.O. Box 6649, Woodland Hills, CA 91365

Receipt of your application will be acknowledged, and then reviewed by the OCAF Grant Review Committee. Further information may be requested.

Call the office with questions, (818) 796-6750, or email us at  


Sutherland Grant Application


Still Grant Application



Budget Sheet


Financial Disclosure Form


Grant Contract Application Approval Form


Grant Proposal Development Check List