Smiling, a woman holds the back of a baby’s neck as the baby looks up at her

Research in Osteopathy

There has been a great deal of research concerning Osteopathy and Osteopathy in the Cranial Field – both the science behind it and the clinical effectiveness. This is a link to the research section of The Cranial Academy’s website, written by several of my colleagues and I, which details this information. Among the highlights of Clinical research are the following:

  • A New England Journal of Medicine article detailed research comparing Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine with standard care for patients with low back pain. The Osteopathic group “required significantly less medication (analgesics, anti-inflammatory agents, and muscle relaxants) and used less physical therapy.” In addition, they stated that the “differences in cost were significant.”
  • An article in Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine (2003) detailed a study concerning children with chronic recurrent serous otitis media (middle ear infections/inflammation with fluid), who received Osteopathic treatment, had significantly fewer ear infections, and myringotomy (ear) tubes. In addition, there were a greater number of normal hearing studies with less effusion (fluid) than the group who did not. Another interesting aspect of this research project was that “No adverse reactions were reported.”
  • The Journal of Clinical Pediatrics (2004) published a study on children with cerebral palsy treated with Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. In this study, the parents were charged with reporting changes and improvement in the children. After twenty-four weeks, “twenty-one of the 23 parents of the children in the Osteopathic group reported improvement in their child during the course of the therapies.”
  • A 2003 Journal of the American Osteopathic Association article detailed research by King et al. that demonstrated significantly fewer preterm deliveries and fewer cases of fetal distress.
  • Viola Frymann, D.O., F.A.A.O. published studies on the effectiveness of Osteopathic treatment with infantile colic, learning disorders, neurologic deficits, and seizure disorders. The results were very positive.

Eric J. Dolgin, D.O., F.C.A.The Osteopathic Cranial Academy Foundation President